Loggerhead Turtles at Mon Repos, Queensland, Australia

We visited the Mon Repos Turtle Discovery Centre near Bundaberg in February 2018 and we got so lucky…!!

Mon Repos supports the largest concentration of nesting marine turtles on the eastern Australian mainland and has the most significant loggerhead turtle nesting population in the South Pacific region. The success of nesting and hatching turtles at Mon Repos is critical for the survival of the endangered loggerhead turtle. Every year, from November to March, you can join QPWS Rangers at Mon Repos Turtle Centre on a guided Mon Repos Turtle Encounters tour to watch nesting (November to January) and hatching (January to March) marine turtles. The turtle Encounter ticket prices are as follows: Child (5–14 years) $6.45; Adult (15 years or older) $12.40; Family $29.75; Concession $6.45. 

Book Turtle Encounters online or with the Bundaberg  Visitor Information Centre: (07) 4153 8888. Make sure to book in advance  and if you have the option to stay longer, ask which group you are in. The first groups are the first to go see the turtles. For more information, read the Booklet about the Mon Repos Turtle Encounters

Our encounter

We went to see the beach during the day and saw a beautiful kite checking the beach for baby turtles.

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The brahminy kite or Milan sacré (Haliastur indus) is also known as the red-backed sea-eagle in Australia. This medium-sized bird of prey in the family Accipitridae occurs throughout southern and South East Asia. In Australia, it is widespread along the north coast and rivers. These raptors often perch inconspicuously for long periods on exposed perches before swooping down onto prey in the water or on the ground. Their prey usually comprises fish and insects, and they often steal food from other birds, such as gulls, terns, ibis and other raptors. They also often scavenge carrion on the ground. (birdlife.org.au) * * * * * * * * * * #elodietravels #travelbloggerlife #worldtravelers #globetrotters #backpacking #bestvacation #discoveraustralia #Australia #visitqueensland #photographyislife #travelph #instagood #instadaily #picoftheday #natgeowild #wildlife #wildlifephotographer #wildlifephotograph #monrepos #visitbundaberg @visitbundaberg #kite #brahminykite #seaeagle

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Around 5:45pm, just before the beach closes, we saw a big rock… Big rock started moving its head!!! So we went closer to have a look and saw a big mama loggerhead turtle come to lay her eggs on the beach!!

Since we did not know how to act and we did not want to bother the process, we stayed really far, I have a 10X zoom. And we got behind her to get a closer look.

Around 6pm we started heading back to the center and saw a kookaburra with a hatchling in its beak!!

At 7pm we got into the centre and got allocated our group (group 5), people who had not booked in advance still managed to get in. We had to wait a while to see the turtles and we were 30 on the beach looking at 14 hatchlings… But it was still an incredible experience.

Source: Mon Repos Express

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