Gorgeous Muang Ngoi…. and a leech attack

After Sapa in Vietnam, we went down the river to Muang Ngoi.

The boat ride lasted 3 hours, costed 100 000Kips (about 10$ per person) and it was mesmerizing!! So much lush and green and beautiful nature…! We loved it.

When we got to Muang Ngoi we were immediately harpooned by hostel owners. The prices weren’t bad so we went to have a look and after we saw the view… We just said yes!!

What to do in Muang Ngoi

The area is absolutely mesmerizing. We were there during the butterfly season and really enjoyed the beautiful colours all around us.

We did not get very far in our trek though….


We left in the morning to go to the cave and the Han Noi viewpoint on the left hand side of the village. The cave was closed (no one at the ticket counter and a big fence and lock preventing anyone from trespassing…) so we went to the viewpoint…


We paid 10 000 kips for the viewpoint, there was a little map and we got told not to do the loop, to come back the exact same way. Well it was quite wet and muddy and when we started going up we understood… It was dangerous ! So slippery and muddy and steep!! Horrible… And then Aron just found a worm on his leg… Wait nope… Not a worm… A leech!… So we continued moving up… Until another one climbed up a boot… And then there was a giant red slug-looking worm on my leg!!! It was SO GROSS! No need to say it… I completely freaked out. I looked to the ground and there were dozens running towards us! You take a second to remove 10 from your boots and 10 others are on their way or already on you.. !!

It took us about one hour to go up… It took me 5 minutes to come down.

I took one picture of a tiny leech at the bottom of the slope…


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  1. I would have completely freaked out two.


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