Sapa under the rain…

So I clearly rushed the planning of this trip… Seeing as we are in the middle of our trip and the rainy season is already upon us!!

Sapa (as in the area, not the town) is definitely really pretty. We wanted to go on a trekking tour for a few days but when we saw the violent and unpredictable rains we faced… so we decided to go stay in a homestay outside of Sapa (city) and walk by ourselves.

Note: The taxi there was incredibly expensive. Not a single taxi driver accepted to put on the meter, they all wanted a minimum of 200 000D to take us to our homestay. In their defence, the roads were really bad and muddy and the meter did say 170 000D when we got to our destination but why not just put it on then?? Anyways… We had to pay 200 000D to get back to Sapa at the end of our stay.

The homestay was very nice. We slept on veeerryyyy thin mattresses (if you insist on calling them mattresses) but we did not need AC and we used the blankets provided, such a good feeling to sense the cold outside while you are warm under your blanket !

The town itself is not very interesting to be honest, I don’t even have pictures to show you! We much preferred the homestay.


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